Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm on Etsy and a little validation...

I finally did it!  I took that leap and started an Etsy site...YIKES!  Now I just have to figure out how to link it to this blog...hopefully that won't take too long for me to figure out...  ;)  I was hoping to have several new pillows, wreaths and necklaces to list, but just as I was finally able to sit down and sew yesterday, my needle broke.  Typical.   I was able to get some flowers made, but I have to admit...I was kind of acting like a big baby.  I finally found my big girl panties stopped throwing a tantrum, put everything away, and had a glass of wine.  And felt much better!  Bought new needles today and will be armed and ready tonight! 

Then I woke up this morning and threw a pity party for myself.  I'm sorry I didn't invite wasn't much fun so don't worry!  ;)  I was wondering if this was just a silly dream on my part, and an exercise in futility.  I said as much to my husband and kiddos...the three of them said the right things to make me stop whining were very sweet and supportive.  Then I got a great message from a sweet friend, reminding me that we all have our place in the world; we all have our own special talent.  Started feeling a little better.  Created the Etsy site and thought I would stick with it for a little longer.  AND THEN...I noticed that I had a comment on my Mother's Day post.  From Lori of and I started screaming.  Lori's is one of the first blogs I found and I have been a follower since.  Her creations are absolutely gorgeous and inspiring.  Her sweet words were so validating and gave me that little boost of confidence that I needed.  Thank you for finding my blog, Lori! 

Every time I have a little pity party for myself, I'm reminded that we ALL have days when we feel a little insecure.  Even those who present as so put together and confident.  And we just have to be gentle with ourselves and cut a little bit of slack.  Everyone has their own special talents and gifts; we can't all be the same...the world would be so boring!  So I will continue to focus on MY dream.  To continue creating and hopefully adding a little bit of beauty to someone's life and home. 

BTW....this was as far as I got yesterday...I can't wait until it's finished!  :)

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