Monday, July 25, 2011

WOW! Where did the time go?!

Holy COW time flies, doesn't it?!  I finally have minute to breathe and decided to get on here...realizing I haven't posted since June!  We have been so busy with football practice, summer baseball, vacation, and the big 13 for our baby doll, that I haven't even had a chance to catch up on my blog stalking!  I didn't think I missed it all that much until I started looking at Miss Mustard Seed, Dear Lillie, Pleated Poppy, Katie's Rose pretty! 

I just finished making pillows for a new client and I want to "brag" a little.  If you are ever in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, please stop by Mount Victoria Bed and Breakfast, and their soon to open Shoppe Mount Victoria.  GORGEOUS!  Lisa purchased 10 pillows for the opening of the shop, as well as other goodies that are in the works.  I'm SO excited!  To be one of the artisans chosen to create items for her new store is such an rewarding experience!  Here are the pillows I just finished:
I'm going to start working on a banner for the opening day, as well as some seasonal items and some other little surprises...can't wait!  Thank you SO much Lisa, for taking a leap of faith with me!

We were able to spend some time in Las Vegas for a family vacation...which ended up being a little longer than planned thanks to some unexpected car "troubles."  Needless to say, our truck now has a new fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel get the picture...  But we had a fabulous time in spite of the stinky gas that literally gave our truck...bad gas...  Our baby doll had a fanTABulous 13th birthday, and the manchild "got" to hang out with his parents NON-STOP for an entire week...he was ECSTATIC!  ;) 

(waiting to watch KA...FABULOUS!)

Off to sew...and blog stalk...and sew...have the HAPPIEST of days! 



  1. Tracy ~
    That is such wonderful news about the B&B!! YAYYYY!!! Congratulations!!
    Your pillows look so pretty all stacked together ~
    Ohhhh I made a little smaller blog button thingy so it isn't so ginormous ~

    Have a wonderful week!! I wish I was there in cool California!


  2. Lori: I am BEYOND excited! Thank you again, SO VERY MUCH, for all of your encouragement! It means more than you'll ever know! I hope it's not too terribly hot wherever you are...I can't believe how cool it is here right now! Mid State Fair time and it's only in the high '80s! WOOOHOOO! I'm going to go "grab" your smaller button thingy! Hopefully I can figure out how to replace the other one!

    Have a fabulous week and stay cool!