Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Silhouette? I don't need no stinkin' Silhouette!! probably would have made my life a WHOLE lot easier!  Oh, Silhouette...where are you when I need you?!  Why haven't I made enough money to buy you?!  I literally just spent the last 2 hours of my life cutting these letters out by hand...yes...hand traced and all.  I have only seen the work of a Silhouette...never used one...only coveted the machine.  And never have I wanted one more than now.  But...I also am feeling a HUGE sense of accomplishment.  My children are looking at me with concern...I wonder what words I've been saying out loud over the course of the evening...hmmmm...

This is going to be a banner...after I've finished sewing all of the components hand...tomorrow.  It's for the grande opening of Shoppe Mount Victoria, attached to that cool B&B, Mount Victoria, that I told you about yesterday.  And it's a very good thing that I really like Lisa, and that she and her husband seem to be a totally adorable couple.  Because she's getting a bargain with this sign I'm really tired now.  And I need a bottle of  glass of wine.  STAT!

I'm going for a Junk Gypsy (because I have some serious idol worship) kinda feel...not sure I've accomplished that...yes?  No? 

I must be tired.  I just used the old English spelling of grand.  Grande. gives my post a little Latin flavor.  Whatever.  No copy editing tonight.  My journalism professors must be rolling in their graves.  I'm sorry... 



  1. I.BEYOND.LOVE.OUR.BANNER!!! You Are THE BEST & I Cannot WAIT To Hang It For Our Photo Booth Area At The Grand Opening!! You Are Soooo Talented ....Martha WHO!?!? (xoxo) ~ Lisa McCants / SHOPPE MOUNT VICTORIA & MOUNT VICTORIA BED & BREAKFAST INN

  2. Tracy ~
    That is looking awesome !!
    Your last post so much made me smile ~
    Shabby Cowgirl Rocks !!