Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's official...I got a booth!  I'm so incredibly excited and nervous at the same time!  It's still a little surreal for me, considering that I started this year with the DREAM of getting a booth at  in one year.  That was my goal.  And...8 months has become a reality!  Now I'm just praying I don't fall flat on my face  look like a total novice that I can finish all of the projects and furniture I have for the show!  My partner in crime  mother will be joining me and I'm so happy that she will be a part of this!  So I might not be on here very often in the next month or so...not that anyone is keeping track!  Need to buckle down and work on finishing all of these goodies!

And many more!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Working on a few goodies!

Today I'm putting the sewing aside and finishing some items I've been working on for a little while.  I found some great windows, with chippy paint in awesome colors, that just BEGGED to be made into chalkboards!   I forgot to take "before" pictures, but remembered before I finished completely!

I absolutely LOVE the color on this window...the minute I saw it I knew I had to use the botanical print!  Some things are hard to sell...this is going to be one of them!  BUT...I'm really hoping to get a booth and this will go there if I'm lucky!

Also working on this adorable little child's chair...going to use Annie Sloan's "Old White" and "Louis Blue"...and then do something really fun for the seat!

I'm thinking this would be a really cute "Time Out" chair...what do you think?

Go out and seize the day!  CARPE DIEM!


Thursday, August 4, 2011


I submitted my first application for a show and I'm nervous, apprehensive, and dying of suspense!  SOOO...what does this girl do in such a situation?  Creates a new line and SEWS!  This is the first of my "Flutter" line...pillows, lampshades and more....

The doll baby sketched a booth diagram, in the event that said application is accepted...I don't want to get her hopes up, but I so appreciate her faith in mommy and desire to contribute!  Regardless of getting accepted or turned away, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment.  I pushed aside my fear of rejection and put myself out there.  For me...that is success!


Monday, August 1, 2011


The winner of the "LOVE" pillow is Haydee, from Trash to Treasure!  Haydee, please send me an email or private message through FB, with your address.  I will send that to you asap!  :)